Disney Catch Catch

- The most popular game in Korea since it's launch.

- Accumulated sales of 3,000,000,000 Korea Won.

- A massive collection of characters that originated from Disney and Pixar.

A sailboat carrying the Disney's treasures was on a voyage. Unfortunately, the sailboat was swallowed by a gigantic whale. All the Disney's treasures were lost in the sunken seabed.

However, the sailboat managed to escape through the whale' blow-hole but all the Disney' treasures were broken into pieces. Help to find all the lost pieces and bring back all the Disney's treasures!

- Meet all the cute characters from the most famous stories of Disney.

- Enjoy the variety game play mode that you have never seen before.

- Complete the puzzle to collect the picture from the famous stories of Disney.

- Let's take a ship ride out to the sea and look for the lost treasure!