Disney Catch Catch

- Disney's 1st photo-hunt adventure is sailing through!

- Go on a magical journey with your favourite Disney characters in fun and educational puzzles!

- Disney Catch Catch will be your best companion and pastime, for you and your family.

A sailboat carrying the Disney's treasures was on a voyage. Unfortunately, the sailboat was swallowed by a gigantic whale. All the Disney's treasures were lost in the sunken seabed.

The sailboat managed to escape through the whale's blow-hole but the Disney treasures were broken and lost in the great sea. We need your help to uncover the missing pieces and bring them back to where they belong!

- Catch your favourite Disney friends in classic scenes from their stories!

- Endless levels with huge variety of game modes to keep you entertained for hours!

- Upgrade your sail boat for extra time, hints and buffs!

- Challenge your buddies and beat their record scores on the leaderboard!